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Klinger Engineering's Composite Materials Design and Manufacturing Consulting Division is the extension of more than two decades of successful projects accomplished by Bob Klinger, Klinger Engineering's CEO, while working for and with organizations such as the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, B&R Plastics, National Nonwovens, N12, Rhode Island School of Design, and FloDesign.

Bob Klinger holds composite product patents and advanced degrees in Materials Science, and has always approached projects by assembling the right players into a collaborative team to ensure quality implementation and client satisfaction.

Klinger Engineering's CMDM Consulting Division takes that practice to new levels by operating as a virtual organization able to reach out to the best individual practitioners and allied companies, all aligned to the exact specifications and expectations of single clients.

Klinger Engineering has a wide-ranging network of research Ph.D.s, experienced hands-on engineers, composite designers, structural analysts, prototyping and manufacturing partners, combined with access to state-of-the-art testing facilities at well-regarded locations like the University of Delaware, Army Research Laboratory, and National Institute of Standards.

When you make Klinger Engineering a part of your team you can be assured of educated and articulate guidance and support for your project from ideation to completion.

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